Keyes Family

You know sometimes you meet someone and they are just so filled with the spirit and so full of light? That is the Keyes Family. Jessica asked me to take these photos for her to share on her blog. She started an incredible ministry for moms called PRAY AT HOME MAMA. She has a heart for women who are torn between staying at home and staying in the workforce. She is an incredible encourager, and mama to Beau and Bay.

We did this shoot in one of the pasture's behind my family farm. It is one of my favorite places to shoot in the winter and early spring because of beautiful sage grass that grows in the field. I remember as a little girl thinking it looked so magical when the wind blew across the field and the sage would roll and rustle looking and sounding like ocean waves. Now. I think it is so beautiful for photographs, and it adds a little **magic**

We also grabbed a few headshots for Jessica before we wrapped up. I mean, how cute is she?