McKelvey Family

Some would say putting three energetic boys in freshly ironed clothes outside on the ground to roll around with a puppy spells disaster. I say it spells F.U.N. It also makes for some really genuine and easy photographs. Let's face it, taking pictures is not any kid's idea of a good time, but as soon as you say. "let's play" they are all in!

After chasing their pup and wrestling on the quilt, these sweet boys turned to mush when mama brought out baby sister, Isla Rose. From then on they left the wrestling and puppy behind, and it was all about hugs and kisses and who gets to hold Isla Rose.

We ended our time in Isla Rose's new room, complete with a crystal chandelier and pink EVERYTHING! I was gushing! Days like these make my heart smile big and make me so grateful that I get to do what I do.