San Francisco

Sometimes you get to do crazy things through your university, like lead worship at Facebook (WILD), explore a new city, and go to prison (jk), with great friends. San Fran was one of those times.

Katie Allred (link below & cheese'n lady to the left) is the go to woman for all things social media, web design, church communications, life, and Harry Potter. I also get to call her professor and friend. She started a student led creative agency called Good Work Agency at the University of Mobile. At the agency we provide churches and non-profits with all things creative. With our earnings this year she said, "to San Fran we go!" I said, "heck yeah, let me grab my camera!"

Inspired- my biggest takeaway from San Francisco. I came into this trip expecting to experience a new city and observe some pretty cool companies. I never expected to encounter such genuine and talented people. I never expected to be so overwhelmed by the presence of God and to see His movement in a city. I never expected to return from this trip with a fresh take on technology, business, and Kingdom building. I also never expected to be so excited about my future in business that my “to do lists” and “bucket lists”, which in my case are already ridiculously long, to double in size. 

I bought a new pocket notebook before our trip to jot down notes and nuggets of wisdom from our experiences and to journal in at night. On the third day of our trip, after spending the majority of our day at Facebook, I sat down to journal, and realized I only had three pages left in my little notebook. My overfilled notebook only reflects a portion of what I learned and gained on this trip. I am so so grateful for this experience and to the people who made it possible! 10/10 recommend a trip to San Fran!

P.S. IN-N-OUT BURGER is the BOMB. Beats What-A-Burger hands down. We battled 5:00 traffic and 6 lanes of Teslas to eat this deliciousness for the second time. It was worth it.