Why "limitless" ?

I began "Limitless Photography" officially, and by officially I mean I created a facebook page ;), almost 3 years ago now. At the time photography was just a hobby for me, taking pictures at family events, for friends, and on vacations. But, I had this little dream for it to be more than that.

I have never been one to take a risk or step out on a limb. I like my comfort zone, it's comfy! My thoughts were always "I'm not good enough", "I don't really know what I'm doing," "you don't have time for this!" Then the Lord stepped in as He always does. I was reading a study called None Like Him by Jen Wilkin. In this study she beautifully lays out the characteristics of God, one of those being "He is without limits." On first read a didn't really grasp what this meant: God is not bound by time or by measurement. He knows no borders or end. His will is done whether we, His chosen children, cooperate or not. Luckily, Jen knew that some of her readers like me might need to read it a few times over in order to hear what she is saying. If we put limits on ourselves, our futures, our dreams, our successes or our failures we are limiting God. When we say "we can't" we are saying "God can't." BUT, God can, and He did.

I have challenged myself not to put a limit on this business, on myself, or on God. I pray that by doing this I will be able to serve both God and you whole heartedly, with joy in my heart and a genuine smile on my face.

So if your in, stick around, check out some stories, and shoot me a message!

Let's be friends and have some fun!